Campus & Facilities

Campus & Facilities
Canadian International School of Hong Kong is located on the south side of Hong Kong Island in Aberdeen. The 42,337 square metre campus occupies 14 levels and is equipped with excellent state-of-the-art facilities which provide the perfect environment in which to learn. Take a moment to enjoy the visual journey around the CDNIS campus. Some of the great features you will find at CDNIS are listed below. We welcome the use of our facilities by our community and any organisations that may serve and support it. One of most frequently used facilities by the community is the Leo Lee Arts Centre. Usage fees to offset costs will apply. Contact the school for more information.

  • Main Entrance

    CDNIS is located at 36 Nam Long Shan Road in Aberdeen. Flags representing the nationalities of our students hang proudly from the rafters, while floor to ceiling windows allow for a generous flow of natural sunlight.

  • Campus

    Located on the south side of Hong Kong Island in Aberdeen, the Canadian International School of Hong Kong campus measures 42,337 square metres and spans 14 levels. The facility is home to more than 300 staff and 1,800 students from Early Years 1 to Grade 12. It is equipped with excellent state-of-the-art facilities, including the 2nd largest solar farm on Hong Kong Island (349 solar panels!) which provide the perfect environment in which to learn.

  • Photovoltaic Farm

    The 2nd largest installation of solar panels on Hong Kong Island graces the Lower School Tower roof and LLAC roof. The 349 panels help reduce our school’s annual carbon footprint by over 85 tons of carbon dioxide -- the equivalent to one person flying round trip between Hong Kong and Christchurch, New Zealand, 32 times. Display panels in the school entrance highlight different metrics.

  • Leo Lee Arts Centre

    The Leo Lee Arts Centre (LLAC) is a state-of-the art 5-story performing arts complex. The main house includes a spacious 604-seat auditorium, while the remaining areas are home to numerous music rooms, art studios, a drama studio, black box theatre and other spaces, solely dedicated for the enhancement of our music, drama, and visual arts programmes. Click here to learn more about the LLAC including the seating plan.

  • Swimming Pool

    A 25-metre heated swimming pool located on Level 1. Students from Early Years 2 to Grade 12 use this pool as part of their physical education lessons. The pool plays host to many interschool swimming events, and after-hours swimming lessons for children of all ages are also offered. The pool was recently refurbished during the summer break in July 2016.

  • Early Years Environment (EYE)

    The Early Years Environment (EYE) is an architecturally designed, purpose-built environment that optimises opportunities for our youngest learners to become confident, capable and resilient inquirers. This open-concept space features a large central area, set up differently each week to provide specific learning engagements in language, mathematics, science, art, music, construction, dramatic play and more.

  • Lower School Playground

    There are various outdoor play areas, including a playground on Level 9, an artificial turf field on Level 6, and outdoor courts on Level 2. There is also a covered playground on Level 11.

  • The Hive

    The Lower School Science and Innovation Lab, better known as The Hive, is hands-on learning space where Lower School students learn to tinker, create, engineer and invent, empowering them to grow and develop into successful future ready learners and leaders, able to meet the challenges of our rapidly changing world.

  • Design Studio

    Members of the community use the Design Studio to collaborate in creating innovative products. The studio is equipped with laser cutters, 3D printers, a CNC router and more. The ideas and products created in this space will help shape the next generation of global innovators, entrepreneurs, and leaders. 

  • ​OneDoor

    In addition to state-of-the-art campus wide technology resources including technology-equipped classrooms and learning spaces, this one-stop location on Level 7 serves the IT and learning technology needs of the entire community, including providing support to our 1:1 iPad and 1:1 MacBook programmes.

  • Upper School Science Corridor

    The Upper School Science Corridor was designed by our students (literally!) to meet their needs. The varied and multiple sit-to-stand workstations allow students to work collaboratively or to study quietly.

  • Main Building (Spine)

    The “spine” includes levels 1 through 9 and consists of classrooms and specialized learning spaces geared specifically for students in Grades 5 to 12. This area also houses the gymnasiums, a fitness centre, cafeteria, swimming pool and main administrative offices.

  • Chinese Cultural Centre

    Our Chinese Studies Department stands as one of the finest among the English language schools in Hong Kong and aims to provide an education in both oral and written Chinese. The Chinese Cultural Centre includes classrooms, a Chinese library, staff offices, and a large multifunctional open space for performances and exhibits. Moveable walls between classrooms, interactive whiteboards, and gallery lighting ensure efficient use of this innovative space.

  • Gymnasiums

    The Lower and Upper School gymnasiums are located on Level 3 and provide excellent venues for basketball, volleyball, floor hockey, gymnastics and many other sports. The larger Upper School gymnasium has a spring-loaded floor with retractable glass basketball backboards and electronic scoreboards. Student changing facilities are located beside the Fitness Centre, which includes free weights, weight machines, and modern cardio training equipment.

  • Artificial Turf Pitch

    The sports artificial turf pitch on Level 6 is the School’s main playing field. This space is used for physical education lessons, after school activities, and recess. Both home teams and visiting sports teams also make use of the pitch.

  • Cafeterias

    The school has two cafeterias, one on Level 12 serving mainly Lower School students and one on Level 6. Staff, parents and visitors are invited to join the students and enjoy the food service, which is available from 7am to 4pm. The indoor area and the enclosed patio combined can accommodate 400 diners at a time.

  • Library

    The library is located on Level 10 and is equipped with a rich collection of educational materials and effective tools to learn/research, challenging students to become life-long learners. The library offers books, newspapers, and periodicals, as well as Chinese, French and International language collections. It also boasts an extensive collection of online databases. A separate primary library caters to our youngest students. The Chinese library is located one level up in the Chinese Cultural Centre.

  • Lower School Tower

    The Lower School Tower is home to our Early Years 1 to Grade 4 students and was specifically designed with our youngest students in mind. Classrooms on Level 9 have direct access to the outdoor play spaces. This area also includes a dedicated Art classroom.

  • Guidance Offices

    The Guidance Counsellor office for students in Early Years 1 to Grade 1 can be found on Level 10, the Grade 2-5 office is located on Level 13, the Grade 6-9 Counsellor office is on Level 7 and the Upper School Guidance Office is located on Level 5. To help our Upper School students navigate the next step in their education, CDNIS welcomes over 300 post-secondary institutions to its campus every year.

  • Main Office

    Located just steps away from the main school entrance, the main office houses the School’s administrative offices. This includes the offices of the Head of School, other Senior Administration Team members, admissions, communications, development, finance and human resources.