Why Support CDNIS

Founded on a culture of giving
Thanks to the generosity and tireless efforts of the Founding Members, a group of individuals who believed deeply in the need for a Canadian education in Hong Kong, we exist today. Those Members personally contributed and fundraised the support necessary to make Canadian International School of Hong Kong a reality.

Continued growth made possible by continued generosity
Each stage of growth in our history has been marked by extraordinary generosity. From our initial founding near Causeway Bay to the construction and expansion of our current campus to the addition of world-class programmes, resources, and state-of-the-art facility enhancements, our community has risen to the challenge of each campaign for support.

A commitment to the future
We have a vision for the future. We want to build on our strengths, enhance our student experience, extend our programmes, and create the best environment for our students and teachers to excel. Support from our community allows us to accelerate the process with the best resources available.