Reconnect with CDNIS

Network with Fellow Alumni

The CDNIS Alumni Association was established in 2000, shortly after the second graduating class in the school’s history received their diplomas. Graduates, teachers, and parents alike saw the need to establish a new society that allowed alumni to remain connected to the school, to highlight their whereabouts and progress, and to organize alumni reunions and charitable activities.

Since then, the CDNIS Alumni Association has maintained close relations with its members around the world, pleased that former students return to Hong Kong for alumni events, to visit the school to reminisce, to share their experience with current students or to assist the school in its development.

Our goal is to increase the number of alumni connected to the School in a meaningful way, be it through networking, mentoring opportunities, student interaction, or with new ideas on how to keep CDNIS an innovative world-class school.

The objectives of this organization are to:

  • Promote friendship and co-operation among past students of CDNIS.
  • Establish closer relationships between members of the AA, the current students, staff and parents of CDNIS, and the students of other international schools in Hong Kong.
  • Provide facilities for social engagement between members of the organisation and their friends, and to afford them the usual privileges, advantages, conveniences and accommodation of a club.
  • Advance and promote education, to establish and maintain schools, to fund scholarships, exhibitions and libraries; to accept donations and endowments, and to support establishments and institutions for any of such purposes; to act as trustees, custodian trustees or managers of any funds subscribed or donated for any of such purposes.
  • Establish, undertake, administer and contribute to any charitable or benevolent fund and make donations or advances where appropriate to deserving persons including scholarship funds to existing students of CDNIS.
  • Advise on matters relating to CDNIS for the betterment of CDNIS.

CDNIS alumni have a close connection to their alma mater. Many alumni started their schooling here, and graduated from here. Their growing network is an important pillar in our community's development, success and unity.

We are always interested in knowing what our alumni are doing, where they are and how they can continue to be a part of our community. Whether it’s a change in career, an achievement, a marriage, a birth, or an entirely new adventure, CDNIS would love to hear about it, as would your friends and classmates.

To allow us to stay in contact with you, please ensure that your information is up to date by contacting our Alumni Office. Note that an alum/na is anyone who has completed one full year as a student at CDNIS.