Professional Learning

CDNIS currently has 165 teachers and academic support staff, along with an additional 52 classroom assistants. Our teaching body is comprised of individuals from a variety of rich backgrounds, cultures and experiences. We have interest in employing high energy, hardworking teachers who are leaders in their school community and who have a demonstrated profile of exemplary achievement. We look to hire those who have made significant contributions to their school - both inside and outside of the classroom.

CDNIS provides extensive professional development opportunities for our teaching staff including professional training programmes such as International Baccalaureate (IB), Learning and Teaching Technology (LTT), and First Steps. These opportunities are made possible through these support means:

  • Three IB coordinators who guide teachers in their IB professional development
  • Six LTT staff who assist teachers with infusing technology into the teaching and learning programme
  • Arrangement of full-time supply teachers specifically to cover teachers on training
  • Opportunity to attend professional development opportunities regionally and locally to support professional learning goals
  • Provision of a Macbook for every teacher

Professional Learning

Research suggests that student learning increases when teachers are also learning. That is why at CDNIS, we expect all of our community to be self directed, self regulated, life-long learners.

To encourage this we invest heavily in staff Professional Learning, with all teachers supported to attend at least one overseas workshop and one Hong Kong based workshop every academic year.

Professional Learning at CDNIS is focused around the Professional Learning Plans of individual staff members and the bigger picture schoolwide goals. Our minimum requirement at CDNIS is that all new staff are appropriately trained in the IB curriculum that they teach within 12 months of being employed at the school. All staff are then encouraged to pursue their own interests and share this learning widely among the community with the ultimate goal of having a positive impact on student learning.

To complement the wide range of workshops our staff attend, we also invite renowned educational leaders to the school to work with staff and students through our 'Faculty in Residence' series. Recent 'Faculty in Residence' have included Kath Murdoch, Cathy Berger Kaye, and Gregg Tang.

CDNIS staff are seen as leaders and their field and are regularly invited to present at conferences in Hong Kong, across Asia and other parts of the world. The school has also been the host site for a variety of other conferences (IB, CASE, PREPare, 21st Century Learning Conference). In January 2018, CDNIS hosted international educators looking to learn more about our active maker culture as part of the 21st Century Learning Conference. Some of the items they checked out included the Hive, the 1-to-1 robotics programme and our 3D printers and laser cutters.

Other Opportunities

CDNIS also employs 60 full-time Business and Operations staff in departments including Admissions, Finance and Accounting, Business Administration, Human Resources, Information Technology, Communications, Facilities, and Leo Lee Arts Centre. Additional roles that support students and curriculum include Guidance, Library and Science Laboratories.