Empowering Innovative Leaders

Empowering the Next Generation of Leaders in a Fast-Changing World

Canadian International School of Hong Kong has long been a benchmark for educational excellence and enjoys a strong reputation as one of the top international schools in Hong Kong. The foundation of our success lies in the delivery of a balanced, holistic, stimulating education to students from Early Years 1 through to Grade 12.

As parents, we want to raise our children to lead happy and fulfilled lives. We want to make sure that when they leave school, they are ready to take on whatever life throws at them with confidence and resilience. At Canadian International School of Hong Kong, students are encouraged to embrace new obstacles and take the initiative even when facing demanding situations by engaging in future-ready learning. Through a holistic curriculum that focuses on the development of the whole person, students at CDNIS are empowered to be empathetic innovators and leaders who are adaptable to change.

If you would like to learn how CDNIS is empowering the next generation of leaders, please contact our Admissions Department.