Lower School Student Life

We firmly believe that learning and growth at Canadian International School of Hong Kong must not be limited to what occurs within the classroom walls. Instead, the power of discovery and personal development often comes to each child through a diversity of opportunities to explore unique interests and passions, thus fostering a unique journey of personal growth and development specific to each child.

As such, our goal is to make accessible to our students a number of After-School-Activities, including interest clubs, performance activities, and our expansive Timberwolves sports programme. These opportunities can include but are not limited to the Junior Choir, Lower School Musical ensemble, Chinese Dance Team, the environmental club SEED, Gardening Club and the Lower School Student Council. Students may join our Timberwolves sports teams including Swimming, Football, Basketball, Cross-country and Netball, once they enter Grade 4. In some instances, students can even join earlier.

An annual highlight for every student in Grades 3 to 5 is our annual Grade Level Camp trips. These incredible events of bonding, extension of personal limits and risks often serve as a watershed moment for many of our students who often walk away a bit taller and more confident about their own life’s path.