Community Service: Local & Global Engagement

Local and Global Engagement is a community service programme designed to develop and support learning opportunities related to local and global issues, service learning, international mindedness, environmental and experiential learning.

Whole School

Through this whole school initiative, students and staff gain exposure to and connect with our local and regional communities, while addressing issues of local and global importance. The CDNIS Service Learning Pledge, created by student and staff members, drives deeper community service and engagement. CDNIS raises its consciousness of learning in action and examples of events and initiatives include:

  • Hosting renowned primatologist and activist, Dr. Jane Goodall, who addressed over 600 people as the keynote speaker for the Roots & Shoots Youth Summit. The summit brought together 150 students from 17 local & international schools and eight NGOs to address many environmental and social justice issues.
  • GreenWeek, an annual weeklong interactive learning celebration highlighting local and global environmental issues through field trips, upcycling workshops, film screenings and more
  • Connecting with local and global NGOs and bringing expert speakers into the classroom
  • Promoting field trips and experiential education opportunities
  • Staff professional learning opportunities to further enhance service learning and experiential education
  • Annual Grade 7 and 8 Service Days, where students learn about local issues and authentic need in the community, and get involved in hands-on ways
  • Grade 9 interdisciplinary Geography-Science field trip supporting WWF’s “Coastal Watch” programme investigating marine pollution and biodiversity on western Lantau shorelines
  • Sulawesi 2016 Eco-Expedition, where students conducted floral and faunal conservation research with scientists in the tropical rainforests and marine reserves of south-east Sulawesi, Indonesia for 2½ weeks in July

Lower School

The Lower School has partnered with community groups as part of its Lower School House NGOs. Each of the four houses is connected with a non-governmental organization in a mutually-beneficial relationship where CDNIS provides donations from monthly school dress down days and the NGOs provide opportunities for student action. Additionally, teachers collaborate with the Coordinators of Local and Global Engagement to plan opportunities for student engagement in local and global issues, experiential education and environmental education that is relevant to the PYP units of inquiry. To develop the leadership skills of students in Grades 4 to 6, a bespoke CDNIS-focused Leadership Education and Action Planning (LEAP) workshop is organized annually in support of the House NGOs.

Upper School

Building on the established Community and Service and CAS programmes in the MYP and DP programmes, there is more integration of the service learning philosophies of learning, passion and action. Students involved in the Global Goals Clubs participate in leadership training and connect with other schools and organizations in Hong Kong that support their vision. With an emphasis on advocacy over fundraising, students in Global Goals Clubs learn how to engage authentically with issues they are passionate about. In curricular units, experiential education opportunities have been developed to support student learning in real-world contexts.

To find out more about these and other great initiatives, please visit the Taking Action website.