Submission Deadline: Student - Travel Declaration Form

Feb 12, 2020
Friday, February 7, 2020

Dear CDNIS community,

I hope this finds you safe and in good health. As you may know, staff have been closely reviewing your feedback following the launch of our “virtual school” this week, and we want you to know how grateful we are for your understanding and constructive suggestions as we refine and adapt our approach to on-line learning across both school sections. Feedback surveys will be sent to parents schoolwide and Upper School students later today, and we will of course make appropriate revisions to our programme delivery as necessary.

As you may be aware, on January 8, 2020 the Novel Coronavirus was certified as a notifiable infectious disease under the Prevention and Control of Disease Ordinance in Hong Kong. As of February 8, 2020, the Hong Kong government will institute a mandatory 14-day quarantine for anyone, regardless of nationality, upon their return from anywhere in Mainland China. To satisfy current EDB requirements ( we therefore ask that each family to complete one Student Travel Declaration form ( for each child by Wednesday, February 12. As CDNIS has a statutory obligation to provide a safe and healthy environment for the entire community, failure to complete the form accurately by the stated date may have serious consequences for the school.

The Senior Leadership team, VPs and other key administrators have been present on campus this week and have begun planning for the smooth return of students to school, currently envisaged for March 2, 2020. In order for this “re-entry” to be efficient, we have asked all staff to be physically present on campus, having fulfilled the mandated 14-day quarantine obligation where necessary, (CHP policy on Friday, February 28. As the day will be spent in faculty meetings, on-line learning will therefore be suspended on February 28, and we will expect to welcome all students to a normal school day on Monday, March 2. Please also note that, while we wish to provide as normal a back-to-school experience as possible for our students, SEASAC have officially cancelled all Season Two and Season Three meets. Additionally, we are suspending overseas events of any kind for the remainder of the academic year. We are still reviewing the viability of upcoming summer trips.

Please be assured that a full crew of cleaning staff is on site daily, and that deep cleaning and sanitizing of the campus is ongoing and thorough. Air ducts are being vacuumed and washing and hygiene facilities have been upgraded in the bathrooms and elsewhere. All individuals entering the campus are expected to submit to a temperature check and will not be permitted to enter should they display a fever. Those individuals who wish to wear masks on campus should feel free to do so in the current situation.

We will continue to update you as events evolve, as necessary. Please be reminded that the deadline for submission of grant forms has been extended to Friday, March 6. Please let me know here ( if you have any questions or concerns at this time, and do stay safe and healthy.

Warm regards,

Dr. Jane Camblin

Lower School Parents