No Online Learning

Feb 28, 2020
Thursday, February 13, 2020

Dear CDNIS community,

I hope this finds you safe, in good health and in good spirits. Thank you so much for your response to our requests for feedback and for your candid and constructive suggestions as we continue to refine and streamline our approach to on-line learning across the school. To satisfy current EDB requirements ( we have asked that each family complete one Student Travel Declaration form ( for each child as soon as possible. As CDNIS has a statutory obligation to provide a safe and healthy environment for the entire community, failure to complete the form accurately may have serious consequences for the school.

The Senior Leadership team, VPs and other key administrators have begun planning for the smooth return of all students to school, currently envisaged at the Education Bureau's media session ( today to be Monday, March 16.  We have decided nevertheless to invite all Grade 12 students to participate in face-to-face course work on campus beginning Monday, March 2. More information is forthcoming soon to Grade 12 students and parents from the Upper School Principal. All other grades will continue to have access to online learning up to and including March 13, with the exception of Friday, February 28, which has been designated as a full day of on-campus staff meetings. 

We are currently developing procedures for the safe return of all staff and students to campus, including the development of revised health and safety guidelines, temperature checks, bus and car drop offs, meal provisions, and the potential resumption of ASAs and other activities. Please bear with us as we institute new routines which will include reduced access to campus for parents and helpers and mandatory temperature checks for everyone.

A full crew of facilities staff remains full-time on site daily, and cleaning rosters have been updated so that deep cleaning and sanitizing of the campus is frequent and thorough. We will of course continue to update you as events evolve, as necessary. Please be reminded that the deadline for submission of grant forms has been extended to Friday, March 6. Please let me know here ( if you have any questions or concerns at this time, and do stay safe and healthy.

Warm regards,

Dr. Jane Camblin

Head of School

Lower School Parents