Mandarin Placement Testing (all Grades 1-6 students new to CDNIS)

Aug 17, 2018

Mandarin Placement Testing, Friday, August 17 at 10am-11am (all Grades 1-6 students new to CDNIS)
Regarding Mandarin class placement for Grades 1–6, all new students to CDNIS are required to attend a placement assessment on Friday, August 17. For many students this is a simple 10-15 minutes test to assess current Mandarin level and assign their teacher. Others may need up to an hour for a longer written test. All students need this test prior to the first Mandarin class. Any child who cannot attend the placement test will be required to sit the test during the first day of school. 

Placement Test Venue & Time - CDNIS, Chinese Cultural Centre, 10am-11:15am.
Please note that while parents are in the New Parent Orientation from 10am-11:15am, all new Grades 1-6 students will be supervised by CDNIS staff in the Chinese Cultural Centre and/or the Library.  

CDNIS - Chinese Cultural Centre
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