(Field Trip) 3B - HTWW Architecture Walk

Oct 29, 2018


  1. IFC (snack on level 4 outdoor space)
  2. Jardine House
  3. Central Ferry Piers
  4. Tamar Park (viewing of several buildings followed by lunch)
  5. HK Central Government Complex
  6. Admiralty Station for bus pick up

Purpose of the Field Trip:
To support our learning in the unit How the Work Works: Many factors need to be considered in the process of creating a structure.  We will look at the aesthetics of structures and the key concepts of causation (Why are these buildings the way there are?) and form (What materials are used?  What shapes have been used?)

Mode of Transportation:
School bus to location 1 and from location, walking in between other locations.

Items to Bring:

  • Packed lunch
  • Full water bottle
  • Hat - dress for the weather

Additional Information:

  • Please wear PE uniform and comfortable shoes
  • If your child has ordered school lunch, Maxim's will provide a packed lunch
Central, Hong Kong
Lower School Parents