"Cancelled" Grades 4-6 Easter Chinese Exchange Programme

Apr 07, 2020

G4-6 Easter Chinese exchange programme April 7-13, 2020
We are launching a new Easter exchange programme (https://www.cdnis.edu.hk/sites/default/files/2020%3F%20%E6%B8%AF%E5%B0%9...) this year in Guangxi, which is famous for it's beautiful classic Chinese painting style of scenery and its fascinating ethnic minority culture. We will be with a Dong Minority Primary School in Sanjiang County. For program details and registration, please click here (https://sites.cdnis.edu.hk/school/chinese/easter-exchange-programme/). The deadline is Monday, March 9.


G4-6 Easter Chinese exchange programme - cancelled (Flash Update - February 10)
Due to public healthy concerns, we have decided to cancel this year's Easter Exchange Programme. We have not cashed in any cheques submitted or made any payments so far, so all will get a full refund. If you want your cheque to be returned to you, please contact the accounting department (accounts@cdnis.edu.hk).

Guangxi, China
Lower School Parents