Digital @ CDNIS

Digital is infused across the school in support of the school’s mission statement and the International Baccalaureate (IB) and Ontario curriculums. The Learning and Teaching Technologies (LTT) and Information Technology (IT) Departments work closely together at CDNIS through OneDoor to provide comprehensive digital services.

Programmes include:

  • 1:1 student iPads as personal learning devices and digital portfolios from Grade 1 (includes secure blogging between student and family)
  • 1:1 Mac laptops from Grade 4 through 12
  • Lower School teacher and student blogging (includes all Lower School Teachers and students from Grade 4 onwards)
  • Google Educational Apps used extensively and in conjunction with other Cloud-based learning technologies for productive learning
  • Integrated Project Based Learning through MYP Design and other MYP Subjects
  • IB Diploma Programme (DP) Computer Science
  • Teacher Professional Digital Learning to update and extend pedagogy
  • Digital Citizenship and Responsible Use Agreements (RUA)
  • Media Centre to develop movie making abilities and support digital media use across the school
  • Robotics and Coding Labs
  • Evolving MakerSpaces
  • Extensive use of Digital within Library systems
  • Student Digital Ambassadors Programmes
  • Talks and Training for Parents in conjunction with the School’s Parents’ Association (CISPA)

Family provided iPads and laptops, managed by the student, and supported by the school, form the backbone for curriculum use and creative application. The school’s approach is supported also by buy-your-own programmes and dedicated learning areas.

The IT Department provides expertise and central support for networks which connect computer servers, workstations, computers and mobile devices across the campus. The IT Department has also implemented a virtualization platform to better support the School’s computing needs and manages the School’s central learning environments. Latest IT and audio visual facilities are available for use by teachers and students to enhance teaching and learning experiences.

Technical Support is available for:

  • Student iPads and laptops
  • Teacher and classroom digital equipment
  • Parent Portal
  • Student and parent school email accounts
  • Parental access to school services, including reports
  • Physical and software security
  • Cloud digital services in use within the school
  • Machine malfunctions through a MacHub located within the school

OneDoor supports members of the school community in their digital interactions with the school. Please visit the OneDoor website for more information.