Students admitted to CDNIS must either pay an Annual Capital Levy or be covered by a Debenture. Canadian International School of Hong Kong is a not-for-profit private school. The Capital Levy is used to meet the capital needs of the school such as the costs for the maintenance and development of the campus facilities, infrastructure and major equipment.

Highlights of the CDNIS Debenture Programme:

  • Qualified applicants who hold a CDNIS debenture or who have applied for a debenture will be given priority in the waiting pool.
  • If your child has applied for our Early Years 1, Early Years 2, or Preparatory program, CDNIS will guarantee that such child will be given an admission interview/assessment.
  • A debenture or application for a debenture does not guarantee the admission of an applicant. All candidates must be assessed and must meet the school's entry criteria.
  • For more information about debentures, please contact the Debenture Programme Manager.