Transition Years Grades 6-8 Remote Learning

Transition Years Grades 6-8 Remote Learning Schedule
For remote learning, students will follow their Day 6 rotation schedule and their five block daily schedule:









  • Homeroom, core subjects (i.e. Mathematics, English, Science, Humanities), Chinese, and Advisory will continue as planned
  • During other scheduled courses we will teach and reinforce essential skills for learning in the Upper School and to prepare for success in remote learning such as:
    • Organizing for digital learning
    • Approaches to learning skills
    • Working collaboratively and independently
    • Building positive relationships within homerooms
    • Building on personal strengths to support learning
    • Physical activity and wellness

Hybrid Schedule (including lunch timings/cafeteria use)

  • If CDNIS is approved to bring small groups of students on to campus (e.g. half the number of students as we saw last spring), we will transition to a hybrid model that blends remote learning and on-site learning for that year group. 
  • Students will be divided into two groups (“red” & white”), with each group coming to school on alternating days: the red group will attend in person on one day while the white group engages in independent remote learning at home; the following day, the white group will attend in person for a repeat of the previous day’s lesson while the red group works independently at home.
  • To the greatest extent possible, Grade 6-8 students will be placed in red and white groups in order to match with Lower School siblings operating on a similar pattern and rotation of classes.

Sample two-week Hybrid Model Rotation for Grades 6-8






  • In-school days will consist of live lessons in the classroom. These lessons will not be recorded.
  • On remote learning days, students will engage in independent learning tasks that will reinforce learning from the previous day’s lessons.
  • In order to ensure social distancing and hygienic lunch spaces, we will alter the daily timetable slightly. This will allow us to separate students into small groups during lunch times.

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