Role of the school nurse

  • Students who show signs of illness or have a temperature of 37.5 degrees or higher will be sent home from school. The school nurse will phone a parent to arrange immediate pick up of the sick child
  • Families who receive a compulsory testing notice must inform the school nurse immediately. If one or more tests are required, students must complete the first two tests in a series before returning to campus. The negative Covid-19 test result must be shared with the school nurse and then each case will be evaluated depending on the circumstances of the close contact before being allowed to return to campus.
  • A separate designated area is set up for students and staff who fall ill during the day

If a student develops a fever and/or respiratory symptoms during the course of the day they should:

  • Let their teachers know they are not feeling well and they would like to be excused to see the nurse.
  • Make their way to the closest nurse’s office with the least amount of traffic or outdoors if possible.
  • Nurse will provide care and assessment of the possibility the person has contracted the coronavirus.
  • Nurse will call the parents and the appropriate Principal or Vice Principal if confirmed of a suspected Covid-19 case.
  • Nurse will call LLAC to inform their team to help prepare the set-up. LLAC Team will call Fac-Man to prepare cleaners and to ask security to help with escorting parents and making sure the route to the “Designated Area” is clear. Once LLAC and Fac-Man are prepared, LLAC team will call the nurse to inform them they are ready.
  • Nurse will put on her personal protective equipment and prepare to escort the student to the “Designated Area”.
  • Nurse will remain with  the student in the “Designated Area” until transportation arrives.
  • Transportation pick-up should be collected in front of the LLAC Lobby. Parents will pick up their child outside of the school and be advised to seek medical help at the nearest hospital. The car should leave the site immediately after pick-up.
  • Nurse will follow-up with parents to find out if the student has tested positive for the coronavirus. Thereafter, we will await further instructions and advice from the Centre for Health Protection.

Please note that these guidelines are current as of January 11, 2022. Changes to procedures will be made as needed.

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