Lower School Schedules (Prep to Grade 5)

Hybrid - Lower School

  • Prep to Grade 5 will attend school on alternate days using the newly-developed 6-Day Timetable.
  • To ensure consistency and cohesion in the learning for all students, each day will be repeated (i.e. Monday, Group A will follow Day 1 Red and Tuesday, Group B will follow Day 1 White, Wednesday, Group A will follow Day 2 Red and Thursday, Group B will follow Day 2 White). This means a 6-Day cycle will take 12 school days.
    • Each homeroom will have half the number of students to allow for distancing in classrooms and hallways
    • The Lower School Leadership Team will divide students into two groups
    • Parents will be informed of their schedule and the school will strive to keep siblings on the same day
  • Teachers will outline expectations for students for their B-Day while they are on campus. Staff will be present to support students online when they are learning from home.










Online Schedule - Lower School
Students and teachers are not expected to be in a Zoom meeting for the entire duration of a period; a mini-lesson can be introduced, breakout rooms utilized and/or teachers can meet with individuals and groups while others are on task. Teachers will be available on the class zoom link during each subject specific block to support students who have additional questions or require individualise/small group support.

Whenever possible each homeroom class will have mirrored timetables across the grade level, meaning they are teaching the same subjects at the same time. We will use a subject-based approach; however, the Program of Inquiry will continue to guide teacher planning and inquiry designed learning opportunities will be integrated whenever possible.

Grade levels will create their own timetables (except for specialists, class community, breaks, and lunch). Each week a class will have 5 blocks of 30 minutes of the following subjects: Mathematics, UoI, Writing, Reading/Word Work, Flexible Time (Helpdesk/ Independent Work/Personal Reflection/Golden Time/Individual Meetings). This allows the grade level teams to determine how they want to structure their week, for example, they may want to have a double block of math on one day and not have math on the following day. 

The Wellbeing classes will be run by our school counsellors.

The school is working on building additional Literacy Support (Prep only) which will offer enhanced time for Prep students in their early literacy development within the schedule.

Breaks and lunch should be spent away from devices and are a time for students to stretch, grab a snack, get out and move and/or tap into the Wellness Hub.

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