Health and Travel Declaration Form, Daily Temperature Record & RAT (UPDATED)

All staff, students and authorized visitors are required to complete a Health and Travel Declaration Form and show a negative RAT taken that day before being allowed on campus. Students under medical surveillance may attend school as usual provided all health guidelines are followed (i.e. checking temperature and observing for symptoms daily.) Parents or guardians must inform the school if the student is put under quarantine or medical surveillance. Staff and authorized visitors must also provide proof of vaccination and use the LeaveHomeSafe app when entering the campus. Visitors with the Blue Code under the Vaccine Pass may enter the campus.

Daily Temperature and RAT Record

Prior to students coming to school each day, the following steps must be followed:

  • Parents/Guardians must take their child’s temperature & RAT result before going to school and report this to the school via the Parent Portal. Failure to do so and your child will not be admitted on campus and will be sent home.
  • Students with a fever (37.5 or higher) or a positive RAT result cannot come to school.

Parent Volunteers

Parent volunteers play an important role in the success of various events at CDNIS. Unfortunately at this time, due to increased social distancing measures, we are unable to welcome parent volunteers to campus. Once we are able to welcome parent volunteers back to CDNIS, all parent volunteers must complete the necessary health and travel declaration forms, provide proof of vaccination, a negative RAT taken on the day and be able to show the Blue Code under the Vaccine Pass. Once completed, staff will seek the necessary approvals and will notify parents accordingly. When on campus, parents are asked to wear their Parent ID or Visitor ID badge at all times.

Please note that these guidelines are current as of August 10, 2022. Changes to procedures will be made as needed.

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