Expectations for Students

During times of hybrid learning, it is important that students make deliberate efforts to ensure their well-being. Critical to this well-being is the development of a routine. A daily schedule that includes time for school, physical activity, socializing (even if online), regular mealtimes, and consistent and sufficient sleeping hours is key to maintaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Ways to maximize the learning experience and promote well-being during remote learning:

  • Have a workspace that allows you to concentrate. It should:
    • be in a quiet location
    • be at a desk or table
    •  have good lighting
  • Take appropriate breaks:
    • stretch and move
    • get a healthy snack
    • make the break tech free
  • If possible, go outside sometime during the day.
  • Spend time after school doing something you enjoy.
  • Get at least 8 hours of sleep every night.
  • Eat healthy meals.

Remote Learning - Student Expectations
Students are expected to:

  • attend all online classes
  • follow their timetable and join classes on time
  • have their cameras on during classes, unless stated otherwise by their teacher
  • dress appropriately for classes
  • work at an appropriate space (desk, table)
  • stay in their live class for the entire scheduled lesson and if they must leave, they should let their teacher know in advance
  • participate actively in all classes
  • complete work as assigned and meet deadlines for submissions
  • get caught up on work if they are unable to attend a class

Student Agreements and Online Etiquette
As always, CDNIS students are expected to use technology in a positive, responsible and respectful manner. Online behaviour must always follow the CDNIS Responsible User Agreements:

For all classroom video communication, the following etiquette should be followed:

Remote lessons will take place in real time and, in accordance with privacy guidelines, will not be recorded. Students are expected to be fully engaged throughout the lesson. Attendance will be taken and closely monitored. If a teacher wishes to create recorded materials in advance of the lesson and share these with students, they are encouraged to do so.

When a student is absent from a class or classes due to illness or other factors, parents must notify the school via the student absence reporting in the Parent Portal.

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