Early Years: General Information

Classroom Setup
In accordance with the latest Health Protection Measures for Schools provided by the EDB, the following procedures/systems have been put in place:

  • The air conditioning system has been fitted with UV filters
  • Doors and windows will be opened frequently to enhance air flow
  • The five Early Years classes have been partitioned off to minimize gatherings of large numbers of students. The set up allows students to remain in their class group for the duration of their session.
  • The class spaces are being set up to allow a proper physical distance among students as far as practicable. Floor markings will be used to designate play spaces.
  • Close face-to-face seating will be avoided and plastic dividers will be used where it is not possible to maintain a distance of at least one metre between students.
  • Learning engagements, areas and activities will be designed so that students can safely engage in activities in their class groupings.
  • During physical activity, students will maintain a certain distance between each other as far as practicable.
  • Students will be reminded to avoid touching their eyes, noses and mouths before and after physical activity.
  • Students will perform proper hand hygiene procedures before and after activities.

All students and staff are expected to wear a mask at all times while on campus, unless they are eating lunch in the cafeteria or instructed by their teacher to remove their mask for a particular activity. 
Families are encouraged to have three spare masks available in their child’s school bag in case it is required.

Personal Hygiene
Teachers will arrange for students to use the toilets in small groups, under the close supervision of a staff member. Adults will ensure toilet lids are closed before flushing. Children will be provided with sufficient time for handwashing throughout the day and regularly reminded of proper handwashing techniques. 
Posters will also be placed in the toilets to encourage hand hygiene.

Drinking Water
All students will be required to bring a full water bottle labelled with their name to and from school each day. All drinking fountains will be closed on campus.

Classroom Supplies and Manipulatives
Toys, shared objects and floor surfaces will be cleaned and disinfected at least twice a day. Classroom manipulatives that children may be using will be soaked in bleach water and wiped dry on a regular basis. 
Many families received resources from the school in order to support the remote learning programme. Each homeroom teacher will specify which supplies will need to be returned to school and which ones can stay at home.  

An area in the Early Years Environment (EYE) will be designated only for snack for those children whose parents wish them to eat during their session. Students will be socially distanced when they remove their masks while eating. We encourage parents to send a small, easy-to-eat, nutritious snack. Students will use proper hand hygiene techniques before and after eating. They will be assisted to manage their masks as needed.

Our librarian will bring a selection of books from the library to the EY classrooms for students to choose to take home every week. Students will use proper hand hygiene techniques before and after selecting books.


Please note that this page is current as of September 15, 2020. Changes to procedures will be made as needed.

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