Arrival and Dismissal

Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the student arrival (drop off) and dismissal (pick up) procedures and please share these procedures with other members of your household (if necessary). Please note that parents and other family members are not allowed on campus at this time. All other authorised visitors may only arrive at the campus via the 9/F entrance and undergo relevant temperature and other checks. If we all work together as one community, we can ensure the safe, quick and efficient collection of your children:












  • As indicated in the chart above, all Upper School student arrivals (drop offs) and taxis will arrive at the LLAC lobby; and all Lower School student arrivals (drop offs) will arrive at the 9/F entrance. Vehicles with both LS/US students may choose either entrance.
  • All buses will arrive on the 7/F and 9/F.
  • Students may arrive via the 2/F entrance.
  • Students unload from the vehicle/bus in a socially distanced manner. Parents/guardians of EY students can bring children to the LLAC door, where they will be met by a member of the EY team.
  • Stickers or markings on the floor will show where each child should stand as they wait to get their temperature checked.
  • Their temperature will be checked and students will tap their ID cards.
  • Students will be provided hand sanitizer.
  • EY students will be escorted to and from their class by a member of the EY team or a bus mother.
  • All Lower School and new students will be guided on the first few days to their classrooms.
  • Lower School students will place their belongings inside their designated cubbies.
  • EAs will collect the students’ temperature passports and check each child’s mask for fit.
  • Upper School students will be given their health passport booklet on their first day on campus; from then on, parents will record their child’s temperature in this passport each day before the child leaves home and the child will take it to their Block One teacher for checking.
  • Lower School students will be supervised as they perform hand washing routines before starting activities.
  • Students will use hand sanitizer before entering their classroom.


  • When students are dismissed at the end of the day, they must leave the school immediately after their last class is finished.
  • As indicated in the chart above, all Lower School students (pick ups) from the LLAC entrance; All Upper School students and families collecting both Lower and Upper School students should collect their children after 2:45pm from the 9/F entrance.
  • Students going home by bus proceed to the 7/F bus loading area, students going home by private vehicle proceed to the LLAC Lobby. Teachers/EAs/bus mothers will escort EY students.
  • Students may depart via the 2/F entrance.
  • Upon entering the bus, students will be assisted to use hand sanitizer.
  • Bus mothers will ensure students’ seat belts are securely fastened.
  • The LLAC will have chairs socially distanced where students sit quietly and wait to hear their name called.
  • All drivers will wait their turn to approach the LLAC facing up the hill, with the flow of traffic. They are asked to remain in the queue.
  • The names and grades of all students who will be picked up must be written neatly on a large piece of paper in dark marker and placed in the car windshield so staff can see it and call students to the entrance to be collected quickly (e.g. John Lee 7A).
  • Parents/drivers are asked to be patient and stay in their vehicles. We ask that guardians not collect a child on foot to be taken to a vehicle along Nam Long Shan Road and then attempt a 3-point turn on Nam Long Shan Road. This puts children at risk and delays traffic.
  • If students are walking home or walking down to the MTR they may leave the school directly.
  • All students must tap their ID cards as they exit the building.

School Bus
Bus drivers and bus mothers will have their temperature checked each morning. All busses have been treated with Germagic Thyme. Hand sanitizer will be available on the bus and the bus mothers will limit physical contact. Please take a moment to review KCM's protocols. Additional information can be found on KCM's website or take a moment to review the bus cleaning protocol.


Please note that these guidelines are current as of September 23, 2020. Changes to procedures will be made as needed.

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