Arrival and Dismissal

Arrival and Departure
Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the student arrival (drop off) and dismissal (pick up) procedures and please share these procedures with other members of your household (if necessary). Please note that parents and other family members are not allowed on campus at this time. All other authorized visitors may only arrive at the campus via the 9/F entrance and undergo relevant temperature and other checks. If we all work together as one community, we can ensure the safe, quick and efficient collection of your children:

School Buses
The school strongly encourages all families to utilize the school bus service. The buses will be operating as normal and will arrive/depart from the 7/F. KCM has been in touch with all families registered for the service and you can view the schedules here: EY AM to Grade 5 Pick-Up, EY AM Dismissal, EY PM Pick-Up, LS Dismissal; EY PM Dismissal, US Pick-Up, US Dismissal, US Shuttle Bus. Bus drivers and bus mothers will have their temperature checked each morning. Hand sanitizer will be available on the bus and the bus mothers will limit physical contact. Take a moment to review KCM's protocols. Additional information can be found on KCM's website.

Early Years
All private vehicles are to drop off their children between 7:10am–7:45am for the AM session and between 11:10am–11:30am for the PM session at the 9/F entrance. Dismissal will be from the LLAC lobby for both the AM and PM sessions (10:20am and 2:20pm respectively).

Prep to Grade 5
All private vehicles are to drop off their children at the 9/F entrance from 7:10am-7:45am each morning and pick up their children from the LLAC lobby at 12pm.

Grade 6 to 12
All private vehicles are encouraged to drop students off in Wong Chuk Hang so students may take the free shuttle up to school. The shuttle will leave Wong Chuk Hang daily at 9:15am. A return service at 2:05pm is also available. Please click here for shuttle bus details. Students not utilizing the school bus or shuttle service are to be dropped off between 9:20am-9:45am at the 9/F entrance. Private vehicles may collect students from the 9/F entrance after the last bus departs at approximately 2:10pm.

2/F Entrance
The 2/F entrance will be open for students to enter and exit the campus at the following times:

  • 7:15am-7:45am and 12noon-12:15pm (Lower School students ONLY)
  • 9:15am-9:45am and 1:50pm-2:15pm (Upper School students ONLY)

Reminder that students must have their ID cards to use this entrance. After 8am for LS students and 9:45am for US students, late students must sign in at the 9/F main office and collect a late slip.

IMPORTANT: In order to accommodate the arrival and departure for the Early Years AM and PM sessions, no vehicles are allowed to park along Nam Long Shan before 11:30am. Please inform your drivers to wait below the hill until this time. Thank you for your cooperation.


Please note that these guidelines are current as of April 12, 2021. Changes to procedures will be made as needed.

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