6. Are there any exceptions to the bussing programme?

Yes, there are a few exceptions to the bussing programme. They are as follows:

  1. All Early Years 1 and Early Years 2 students.
  2. Any student commuting with an Early Years 1 or Early Years 2 student (sibling or carpool). Arrival time or departure time must be the same as the Early Years student and the Early Years students must be in the vehicle.
  3. Any student who uses the MTR, CityBus, NWFB, or other public bus that services the Wong Chuk Hang MTR/Nam Long Shan Road vicinity.
  4. Any student who walks to or from campus with parental permission.
  5. Any student in Grades 4 or above who registers and utilizes the shuttle service.
  6. Any student with prior CDNIS approval due to a special circumstance e.g. ambulatory issues, doctor appointment, dentist appointment, or onset of illness during the school day. Pick up or drop off must occur at least 30 minutes prior to any CDNIS arrival and dismissal time.
  7. Any student being picked up after participating in a CDNIS approved after-school programme that finishes after the completion of the regularly scheduled daily school dismissals (approximately 4:30pm at the earliest). CDNIS encourages students to utilize the buses provided following participation in after-school programmes.

No exceptions will be made for students participating in non-CDNIS after school activities located off campus.

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