Bilingual & International Tracks

The International and Bilingual Programmes at Canadian International School of Hong Kong offer our youngest learners the opportunity to grow academically and socially in an intercultural community. Optimizing a child's natural curiosity, our dual-language programmes will help guide your child’s language development and cultural fluency in a nurturing, supportive, challenging learning environment.

From August 2022, CDNIS will introduce a bilingual option in the Early Years Programme (EY1–EY2, 3–5 year olds) consisting of 50% English and 50% Chinese content. Each subsequent year an additional grade level will have the bilingual option introduced (2022/2023 Prep, 2023/2024 Grade 1, 2024/2025 Grade 2, 2025/2026 Grade 3, 2026/2027 Grade 4, 2027/2028 Grade 5) until all grades from Early Years 1 to Grade 5 will have the option to join a bilingual or international class.

Bilingual Model
We have decided to introduce a dual language immersion model. This is where students are immersed in one of the target languages throughout an entire day. English and Chinese will be taught both as a discipline as well as a medium in which disciplinary instruction is delivered. Students will therefore experience all their core subjects in both languages while having distinct language outcomes for both English and Chinese.

Who can apply?
The bilingual programme is for:

  • Current CDNIS families who are seeking an equal focus on English and Chinese language and culture
  • Local or international families looking for an international curriculum and want their children to learn in two languages
  • Chinese-speaking families who want greater exposure to English, without losing their Chinese as an academic language
  • If you have any further questions after reviewing the Frequently Asked Questions or our Early Years Programme brochure, please contact the Admissions Department.