Flash August 23 2021

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Increased Police Presence Expected on Nam Long Shan and Shun Wan Roads

Thank you to all our families who collaborated with the school to help our community reduce traffic congestion on Nam Long Shan Road. As our neighbouring schools resumed classes today, we anticipate this will greatly impact traffic flow and are expecting a heavier police presence along Nam Long Shan and Shun Wan Roads. Police will ticket any private vehicles stopped/parked in these areas.

A reminder that private vehicles, including taxis and Ubers, are not permitted to stop, park, drop off or pick up students along Nam Long Shan Road during school hours. Drivers who continue to circumvent this will have their license plates recorded before being moved on. As responsible community members, we must be respectful and considerate of our neighbours. Do not attempt to park, stop, drop off, or pick up students, or make U-turns in private access points and drive-ways. Thank you for your continued support and cooperation.

Shuttle Bus Service

The school operates a free shuttle bus service for students to/from the Wong Chuk Hang MTR station every school day as follows:

  • 7:25am for Prep to Grade 5 students
  • 8:20am for Grade 6-12 students

​In the afternoon, shuttle buses will arrive at WCH at:

  • 2:35pm for Lower School (departs school at 2:30pm from the 7/F) (Prep to Grade 3 students must ride with an older sibling, cousin, older friend)
  • 4:15pm for Upper School (departs school at 4:10pm from the 7/F)

Please note the afternoon times are estimates and will be amended depending on traffic conditions. Students MUST pre-register to use the shuttle bus service via the KCM website. Take a moment to learn more about our bussing programme.

Daily Temperature Check in Parent Portal

In accordance with EDB/CHP guidelines, parents are asked to enter their child’s temperature in the Parent Portal each day before they depart to school. Here are some instructions on how to do this for our new families. Click here to see how to add the Parent Portal shortcut to your iPhone. Thank you for your cooperation.

Reporting Student Absences in Parent Portal

If your child will be absent from school, please let the school know via the absence form in the Parent Portal. Parents can access the Parent Portal via the link on the top right corner of the school website or the CDNIS app. We would appreciate if parents could inform the school of their child's absence before 8am (Lower School) and 9am (Upper School). Click here to see how to add a shortcut to the Parent Portal on your iPhone.

Attention Returning Students: Student ID Card

CDNIS issues 2-layer student cards. The thicker smart card is used for swiping for attendance, printing and borrowing books from the library and is used year after year. The thinner "top layer" is a sticker which is replaced annually. Returning students should remove the "2020/2021" top layer and replace it with the new top layer being distributed now for the 2021/2022 school year.

Changing School Buses in the PM

Prep to Grade 12 students registered for the school bus service may switch buses to accommodate afterschool activities. Parents must fill in CDNIS 2021/2022 - Dismissal Bus Change Request Form. Each bus change requires one form.

School Bus Service

For any families who still need to register for the school bus service, please do so via the KCM website.

2/F Entrance Arrival and Dismissal Times

The 2/F entrance will be open for students and staff to enter/exit the campus at the following times:

Lower School

  • LS arrival: 7:10am-7:45am
  • LS dismissal: 2:20pm-3pm

Upper School: US students must tap their student card to use this entrance

  • US arrival: 8:10am-9:10am 
  • US dismissal: 3:50pm-5:20pm 

Due to on-going construction next to the staircase, students and staff are asked to be extra careful if using this entrance.

Timberwolves: Tryouts begin this week

The Timberwolves tryouts begin on Tuesday, August 24. Season 1 sports include volleyball, football, cross country, golf, equestrian, netball, sailing/rowing and skateboarding. As some practices run from 7:15am-8:15am, the school is providing a Sports Shuttle from the WCH MTR Exit A2 departing at 7:05am Tuesday to Friday. Registered US bus students should not take LS buses as there is no guarantee buses will arrive in time for 7:15am practices. Students travelling by private vehicle, taxi or Uber must still use the Sports Shuttle as students are not allowed to be dropped off at school for morning practices. Details including tryout information, the compulsory participation and agreement form and practice times can be found on the Timberwolves website.

Timberwolves Online Boutique

Welcome back to school! It's a great time now to join the Wolfpack by ordering your favourite Timberwolves spirit gear! Online orders are open now and will remain open until Friday, September 3.

Dress Down Day: First DDD of the Year!

The first Dress Down Day of the year will take place this Friday, August 27. There is no theme and no donation will be collected during the first DDD of the year. Normally, students pay $20 to take part in the DDD with money going to various charities selected by the students.

Student Cards: Lost Cards

All students are required to tap their student card when they enter/exit the campus. New students will be issued a card in the coming days while returning students may use their old cards. If your child has lost their card, please fill in the Student Identity Card Replacement Form (also available behind the Parent Portal under "School Documents"). The replacement cost of the Student Identity Card is $65 and we ask you to deliver this in cash. Lower School students may pass the payment to their homeroom teacher and Upper School students may pass the payment to the main office. New cards take approximately one week to process.

Yearbook Distribution

The 2020/2021 yearbook will be handed out to students who ordered them via their homerooms on Friday, August 27. The online version is available behind the Parent Portal.

1st Hong Kong Canadian Scout Group

What do children want? To spend time with friends and meet new ones? To experience adventure? To gain valuable leadership skills? To have fun? Come and join Scouts! We have over 100 youth/young adults in this great fun group, which includes Beaver Scouts (Grades 1-2), Cub Scouts (Grades 3-5), Scouts (Grades 6-9) and Venturer Scouts (Grades 10-12). We guide young people aged 14 and above through their AYP journey as well. For more information and registration for 2021-2022, please click here.

Lower School News

Save the Date: Curriculum Events

Our first curriculum event of the year is for our Early Years parents and will take place on Wednesday, August 25 from 3:30pm-4:30pm via Zoom. The Prep to Grade 5 curriculum event is scheduled for Tuesday, September 7 from 4:45pm-8pm. Please watch your email for further details.

Lunch Ordering: Prep to Grade 4

Students may bring a packed lunch from home or enjoy a purchased meal from our cafeteria. Prep to Grade 2 students must pre-order, while Grade 3-4 students can choose on the day and Grade 5 students may purchase their lunches on a daily basis. Please take a moment to view the Lower School Menu for August 16-October 8. To place your order, please use the Q1 Order Form. If you have any unused credit from the previous term, please email your order form (without payment) to catering@cdnis.edu.hk. Any questions, please contact Terrance Lai.

Day 1-6 Lower School Calendar

During the regular school year, the Lower School operates on a 6-day calendar. Please visit the 2021/2022 Lower School Calendar (Full Resumption) for calendar dates.

Lost & Found Items

Our lost and found bins are already starting to collect hats, sweaters, lunch boxes and more. If your child loses an item at school, encourage them to check the lost and found bins located on each floor. Items clearly labelled with the child's name and homeroom are easier to return.

Upper School News

Message from Upper School Principal

As we have been communicating with you, it is critical for our school and for our community’s overall health that we have our fully vaccinated rates in our eligible population as high as we possibly can. The school has until September 30 to give the EDB statistics on our fully vaccinated population and these statistics will be taken into account when negotiating for continued full class resumption after September 30. Please check your email for a message sent last week by Upper School Principal Dr Tim Kaiser for further details.

Save the Date: Curriculum Nights

The Curriculum Night for Grade 6-8 parents will take place online on Wednesday, August 25 from 6:30pm-8pm, and for Grade 9-12 parents on Thursday, September 2 from 6:30pm-8pm. Details are forthcoming regarding log-in details, schedule and format.

Zoom Presentation: Transition Years New Parents Orientation

If you missed the New Parent Orientation for Transition Years last week or want to re-watch the presentation, you can access the recording here. Please enter the access passcode: U@9mf*%M to view.

Zoom Presentation: Grade 9-11 New Parents Orientation

If you missed the New Parent Orientation for Grades 9 to 12 last week or want to re-watch the presentation, you can access the recording here. Please enter the access passcode: 0S#q+THy to view.

Message from Upper School Music Department

What's that sound you hear around CDNIS? It's the sound of music! Please read the following letter if your child is interested in performing at CDNIS at one of our variety of bands. Please check out the Upper School Music website for more information as well!

Parenting Teenagers Course

Unable to relate to your teenager? Trying to build a more positive relationship with them? For 10 weeks, guidance counsellors Erica Saephan and Timothy Woo will facilitate this course. This is aimed at Grade 6-12 parents. The cost is $300. All sessions are from 9am-11am with the first online session on Monday, September 16. For more details and to register, click here.

Maple Cafe and Cafeteria: Lunch Menus

Upper School students may buy snacks and lunch from the Maple Cafe and cafeterias. Students are encouraged to use an Octopus card for payment. Students may also bring food/drinks from home but are not permitted to order from outside vendors or have food dropped off. Food and drink may only be consumed in designated areas. Please take a moment to review the menus for August 16 to September 3: 6/F cafeteria menu and 12/F cafeteria menu. Students in Grades 6 and 9 will eat lunch in the 12/F cafeteria while all other US students will eat in the 6/F cafeteria.

Procedures for Reference Requests

When requesting references to summer school programmes, boarding schools or any other organizations, please use this online form. School policy is to use CDNIS reference material exclusively. The timeline for a referral is 10 working days and requests received within two weeks prior to a holiday period will be processed after the holiday. If you have questions, please contact your child’s counsellor directly.


CISPA Calendar

The CISPA Calendar 2021/2022 has the school year organized, scheduled and squared away for busy CDNIS families. Each family will receive one calendar, compliments of CISPA! Look for it in your child’s backpack, starting Friday, August 27. If you have more than one child at CDNIS, the calendar will go home in your youngest child’s bag. A very big thank you to our Calendar Team members, Vanessa Liang, Rachel Middagh, Vivian Wu and Shirley Lau who worked through the summer to create this great resource.

CISPA Board Meeting

All parents are welcome to attend the CISPA Board Meetings. The board will meet once a month via Zoom. If you would like to attend, please email us. A list of all upcoming Board meetings can be found on the CISPA website.

Nominations for the 2021-2022 CISPA Board

CISPA welcomes all CDNIS parents to join the 2021-2022 CISPA Board of Directors. Nominees with an interest in community building and enriching the lives of our students are invited to submit a Nomination Form. If you have any questions about CISPA or the nomination process, please send us an email

Join CISPA on Facebook

The CISPA Pinboard on Facebook is a place to meet other parents, share information about the school, and buy/sell second hand items. To join, you must answer the member question, so please take a moment to check your message folder and reply.


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Early Years Curriculum Event

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Grade 6-8 Curriculum Night

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Prep to Grade 5 Curriculum Event