About Hong Kong


Asia’s World City
Hong Kong is a vibrant world city that attracts people from around the world for employment opportunities and international living. The soaring skyscrapers and shopping emporia of the business district stand in delightful contrast to the lush green mountains and sandy beaches of the southside. It is a city with something for everyone.

Hong Kong has a subtropical climate, with temperate conditions for nearly half the year. Spring and autumn are the most comfortable seasons, with plenty of sunshine, occasional showers, and pleasantly cool evenings. Summers are very hot, and the rainy season runs from June to August. Winters are mild and dry, with the temperature rarely dipping below 10°C. Hong Kong does experience occasional typhoons and tropical storms from April through October. Visit the Hong Kong Observatory website for daily weather updates.
Hong Kong has an extensive public transport system that is safe, clean, and fairly inexpensive. There are trams, buses, mini-buses, taxis and ferries that reach every neighbourhood, and an impressive MTR (Mass Transit Railway), with a station walking distance from school. Hong Kong's highly integrated public transportation system makes living car-free a very manageable option.

Hong Kong is a veritable melting pot of world cuisine, with delights for every taste and budget. Restaurants by the world’s best chefs offer Michelin-starred meals, while local haunts with regional specialties can easily be spotted by the long line-ups outside. Enjoy a local da pai dong by the waterside, grab a bubble cake and milk tea from a street vendor, or explore the foodie paradise of small restaurants that are always opening their doors in the city. Check out OpenRice for a comprehensive Hong Kong dining guide.

Hong Kong has two official languages, Cantonese and English. All public signage feature both languages, as are government documents. Cantonese is the most widely spoken dialect, however Mandarin is becoming more widespread. Most Hong Kong citizens are able to communicate in English, however learning and using basic Cantonese is advantageous.

Employment Visas
Working in Hong Kong requires an employment visa. Spouses and child/ren may remain in Hong Kong on a dependant visa, which is available only when a member of the family holds an employment visa. Please note that a dependent visa can only be obtained upon presentation of an original marriage certificate for your spouse, and original birth certificates for your child/ren. Visit Hong Kong's Immigration Department website for more information.

Hong Kong Income Tax
Income tax is not deducted at source.

The standard tax rate is approximately 15% and allowances for single parents, married couples, and dependent children reduce taxable salary. Up to 33% of income can be claimed as housing reimbursement, which is deductible for income tax purposes. The Inland Revenue Department website provides up-to-date information of Hong Kong's income tax policy.