Project Innovate

There is increasing talk about innovation in education, with several Hong Kong international schools introducing STEM and STEAM programmes.  Canadian International School of Hong Kong has been pushing the boundaries of innovation since it was established in 1991 and became the first Apple Distinguished School in Hong Kong 10 years ago, when it also introduced the first local one-to-one student laptop programme. Since then an exceptional culture of innovative practice has flourished at the school, across all areas of learning. Project Innovate, a new focus upon future-ready learning at CDNIS, is therefore the natural next step, building upon the school’s expertise and practice.

Future-ready education, a term created by the World Economic Forum, describes the skills, competencies and attributes today’s students need to prepare them for the fast changing world. In addition to core skills, the 21st century skills of collaboration, communication, creativity and critical thinking will take on increased relevance, as will character qualities such as resilience, leadership, and adaptability.

CDNIS Project Innovate provides future-ready learning through strengthening foundational skills, while increasing opportunities for hands-on learning, creativity, innovation and problem solving. In addition, an emphasis upon cultivating character, central to the school’s vision and mission, ensures students have the dispositions and mindsets they need to be successful.