Hong Kong's Innovative School

Project Innovate is a whole-school initiative that draws on the CDNIS vision and mission, combining core skills with 21st century thinking and character building.

For over 27 years, Canadian International School of Hong Kong has been at the cutting edge of education. Project Innovate takes the culture of innovation flourishing at CDNIS to the next level, providing an exciting vision for future ready learning - ensuring students have the skills, dispositions and mindsets they need to adapt to our fast-changing world.

Learn why CDNIS is the innovative school of Hong Kong by visiting the Project Innovate website or see first-hand what our students and staff are doing during our weekly tours. CDNIS holds regular tours for prospective parents every Tuesday during the school term. The tours are given by a member of our CDNIS Senior Administration Team and start at 9:30am. For enquiries, or to register for a weekly tour, please click here.