Asia-Pacific International Schools Conference

Learn why Canadian International School of Hong Kong has been one of the top choices for parents and educators in Hong Kong over the last 25 years at the Asia-Pacific International Schools Conference.

Since 1991, Canadian International School of Hong Kong has continued to push the boundaries as it educates the future leaders of tomorrow. Prospective faculty are welcome to learn more about CDNIS and meet key members of its senior leadership team and faculty at the Asia-Pacific International Schools Conference.

Asia-Pacific International Schools Conference
December 14-15
Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

Dr. Helen Kelly, Lower School Principal and Mr. Joe Holroyd, Diploma Programme Coordinator, will speak at the Asia-Pacific International Schools Conference.

Dr. Helen Kelly
Lower School Principal

Canadian International School of Hong Kong has been pushing the boundaries of innovation since it was established in 1991, being one of the first Apple Distinguished Schools in the region, 10 years ago, and implementing the first one-to-one student laptop programme in Hong Kong. Since then, an exceptional culture of innovation has flourished at the school, across all areas of learning. Learn all about Project Innovate, a brand new school-wide initiative that focuses on providing future-ready learning, to ensure that students have the skills, dispositions and mindsets they need to adapt to our fast-changing world.

Dr. Kelly will speak at the Teaching and Learning Expo on Friday, December 15 at 11:30am and at the AISC on Friday, December 15, time TBC.

Mr. Joe Holroyd
Diploma Coordinator

Change the Learner, or Change the Learning? Rethinking ADHD Interventions for Inclusive, Holistic Learning Communities: This seminar examines some of the default practices and assumptions around adolescent ADHD diagnosis and treatment and will include a demonstration of teaching and learning activities and other highly interactive modalities. A constructivist model of teaching and learning, promoting students’ own self-management of ADHD symptoms, will be explored. The case will be made for school to (continue to) evolve towards more student-centred, balanced and constructivist models of learning, supportive of students learning to better manage their own symptoms, and so reduce the need for medication with demonstrably negative side-effects.

To learn more about the Asia-Pacific International Schools Conference, please visit the website.

CDNIS holds regular tours for prospective parents every Tuesday during the school term. The tours are given by a member of our CDNIS Senior Administration Team and start at 9:30am. For enquiries, or to register for a weekly tour, please click here.