The athletic programme at Canadian International School of Hong Kong promotes participation, enjoyment, and success. We want students to discover and develop a lifelong love of sport through participation, and we strive for success both at the highest competitive level, and at the individual level, where students take risks and make personal improvements that are equally worthy of celebration.

CDNIS sports teams play in two international school leagues, the International Schools’ Sports Federation of Hong Kong (ISSFHK) and South East Asia Student Activity Conference (SEASAC).

A total of 12 international schools participate in ISSFHK. Sports programmes are available for students in four different age categories (U20, U16, U14 and U12). Activities include Football, Volleyball, Swimming, Cross Country, Basketball, Tennis, Golf, Touch Rugby, Track and Field, Badminton and Softball. The activities are spread out over three different seasons and organized in a manner that students are able to participate in several different sports over the course of a single year.

SEASAC includes member schools from Bangkok, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Yangon and Surabaya. The purpose of the organization is to promote and coordinate athletic tournaments, fine arts festivals, and other similar events deemed appropriate by the member schools. Each sponsored activity is offered once per year and hosted by one of the conference schools. The majority of SEASAC activities are designed for high school students only.

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