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CIS Accreditation - We Did It!

Canadian International School of Hong Kong has been awarded full accreditation status by the Council of International Schools (CIS) with immediate effect. Obtaining the CIS accreditation certifies that CDNIS students are given an education that meets the most stringent international quality standards. Head of School, Mr. David Baird shared the news in a letter to all community members last week. Congratulations to everyone who was a part of the process.

2018/2019 Start of School Guide - It's Here!

The 2018/2019 Start of School Guide can be found right here. Everything you need to know - uniforms, bussing, new student/parent orientation events and more - all these details are in the Start of School Guide. New parents, please make special note of the new parent/student orientation events and register before the deadline. Questions, email Winnie McCarthy for the Lower School or Dilip Sandhu for the Upper School.

Summer School 2018

Sign up for the CDNIS Summer School programme today. Open to CDNIS and non-CDNIS students, there really is something for everyone; math to maker space, punching to politics, Irish sports to inspirational authors, crafts to cooking, friendship skills to math functions, Space and beyond. Plus the returning favourites multi activity, kindergarten fun, swimming, gymnastics and soccer. Please sign up by clicking here.

New Robotics Summer Camp - MakeX Blue Planet

A new addition to the CDNIS summer programme for Grade 4-8 students! Come prepare for the MakeX robotic competition 2018 through this summer camp. You will learn what sensors to use to build, code and test your robot on the competition arena. No prior robotics knowledge is required. CDNIS students can loan a robot from school for free! Watch this video to find out more.

Timba Swim School

Registration for Term 1 will begin later this month. The Timba Swim School is open to both CDNIS and non-CDNIS students of all ages. There are lots of programmes to choose from including Learn to Swim Levels 1-8, Swim for Fitness, Pre Squad Swim Team and the Swim Team. Details coming soon in Flash. For enrollment/registration please contact activities@cdnis.edu.hk. For general enquires please contact timbaswim@cdnis.edu.hk.

New: Read Library Books Over the Summer!

Returning CDNIS families can keep library books all summer long! Students and parents who don't have any overdue library materials will be able to check out books for the summer! Students can check out five books and parents can come to school and check out 10 books. If you don't want your child(ren) checking out books, please send an email including your child's name and current homeroom.    

Taking Action @ CDNIS: little ones doing big things!

Read the latest stories highlighting how parents, students and staff at CDNIS are taking action, with a special focus on Lower School students and their families getting involved in issues that go beyond Hong Kong. Have 'stories' to share? Contact Ms Safaya, Local and Global Engagement Coordinator.

1st Hong Kong Canadian Scout Group since 1992

Calling for new members! Are you looking for a little adventure? Then join SCOUTS! This year, 100 young adults are already a part of this great group, which includes Beaver Scouts (Grade 1-2), Cub Scouts (Grades 3-5), Scouts (Grade 6-9) and Venturer Scouts (Grade 9-12). For more information, please click here.

Our children are watching: what is our marriage communicating?

Studies show that the quality of parents' marriage has great influence on a child's future physical and mental well-being. Parents model and teach their children important lessons of intimacy, communication and conflict resolution. So, what are we modelling? Join Dr. Michele Bland for this workshop on Wednesday, May 30 from 8am-9:30am in the LLAC. RSVP here.

Fun Gala for all ASA Swimmers

On Tuesday, June 5, there will be an end of term 'Fun Gala' for all of our ASA Swimmers from Level 1 to Swim Team. The event will run from 2:45pm - 4pm. ASA Levels 1-8 will swim short distances (5m - 25m). Competitive swimmers and Swim Team will also be participating in 50m races. There will be some prizes and goodies on the day.

Timberwolves Athletic Awards

On Friday, May 18 over 450 Timberwolves Athletes, Coaches, Parents and Staff celebrated a fantastic year of sport at CDNIS at the Lower School and Upper School Athletic Awards. It was a celebration of individual, team and programme success. Please view the photos, list of award winners and a summary of the LS and US Awards on the Timberwolves site.

Thank You and Farewell to Coach Ivy - Gymnastics ASA

Thank you to Ivy Yew and the Health and Fitness Consultancy Team for delivering the Gymnastics Programme at CDNIS for the last six years. During this time, CDNIS has become one of the best gymnastics bases in HK in terms of equipment/space. Ivy and her team will finish at CDNIS after the completion of the Summer Programme. For more information about Gymnastics please see the activities site.

Testimonials for CDNIS website

The main CDNIS website features a section dedicated to testimonials by our community. We would greatly appreciate it if students, staff and parents alike could fill in this form, and provide us with a short testimonial about CDNIS.

Privacy Policy

CDNIS regularly reviews its privacy policy to comply with changes in privacy laws around the world. Last week, Europe's new General Data Protection Regulation went into effect. Although it only applies to data of persons who are in the EU, the global nature of the internet means that every online service will be affected. As part of our commitment to privacy and transparency, the school is reviewing our privacy policy to determine whether any updates are required in light of this new regulation. Our privacy policy explains what information we collect, why we collect it, how we use it, who we may disclose it to, and your rights regarding your personal data. Please contact our Director of Business Administration, Mr. Peter Wong, if you have any questions.

CDNIS Switzerland Ski Trip CNY 2019

Thanks to all those who came out to the information session on Wednesday. For those who weren't able to make it, please find the presentation here. Note that in order to secure your spot you must bring a non-refundable deposit cheque for $3,000 by Friday, June 1 (made out to CDNIS). You can bring the cheque directly to Alex Wright or Keren Glazier, or leave it at the 9/F reception (in an envelope addressed to either). It is first come, first served, and there are already a limited number of guaranteed spots left! Don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions.

Summer Travels Postcard and Teddy Bear Adventures

Back by popular demand, it's the CDNIS Summer Travels Postcard and Teddy Bear Adventures! The last few summers, the CDNIS teddy bear has collected a lot of stamps in his passport. Wherever you are this summer, drop us a postcard at: CDNIS Summer Travels 2018, 36 Nam Long Shan Road, Aberdeen, Hong Kong or take a picture (tell us where the picture was taken) and email it to us. We will post all the postcards and images on a BIG world map when school resumes in August.

Lost and Found - Valuable Items

Please stop by the 9/F office before the end of school if you have lost a valuable item at school. A number of items have been turned in to the office including iPhones, wallets, watches, glasses, Kindles, Octopus cards and more. If you or your child has lost anything of significant value at school, office staff might have it.

CDNIS Official Merchandise

Looking for a gift for friends back home? Why not pick up a gift from the CDNIS Shop?! Be sure to get your hands on CDNIS-branded items including water bottles, cufflinks, umbrellas, golf balls and Monopoly. Check out what is available right here. Items can be purchased from the 9/F office. The merchandise cart will be set up outside the 9/F office closer to the end of school.

Shuttle Bus Service Ending

Due to the low ridership of the shuttle bus service between the Wong Chuk Hang MTR station and CDNIS, the service will be suspended at the end of the 2017/2018 school year. A refund will be available for all un-used shuttle bus tickets starting Monday, May 28. Please bring your un-used tickets to the 9/F office for a refund.

CISPA Board 2018/19

CISPA is pleased to announce its Board of Directors for the 2018/2019 academic year: Clare Arnold, Elisabet Helander, Christy Hong, Pinky Lau, Kelly Ma, Simone Matrundola, Christina Matula-Häkli, Amy Ng, Timothy Ng, Anita Shum, Catherine Wan Cohen, Debbie Waugh, and Vanessa Ying Yu-Liang. Thanks and best wishes to retiring Board members!

CISPA - Lost Property

Please check for lost property before Friday, June 8. There will be one final sort by volunteers on Wednesday, May 30, with all un-named items displayed the week of Monday, June 4. Anything unclaimed after Friday, June 8 shall be donated to charity. A huge thank you to all the volunteers who have helped keep the lost property under control this year and returned countless items to their owners!

CISPA - Volunteer Appreciation Evening

All parents who have helped out with events during the school year are welcome to join us for an evening of delicious drinks and canapés! This will take place on Wednesday, May 30 from 7pm-9pm in the LLAC Lobby. Click here to RSVP

CISPA - Lunch at the Country Club

Please join us for lunch on Tuesday, June 5 at 12:15pm in the beautiful and relaxing atmosphere of the Country Club. We will be meeting in the Garden Lounge, do come along to the last occasion to say goodbye before the summer break. The estimated cost of lunch is HK$ 250/person. To RSVP, please contact Lucia Del Vita by Monday, June 4 at noon.

CISPA - Please donate your used uniforms

Please do donate all used uniforms back to CDNIS, including discontinued uniforms. We have grand plans for them. Thank you in advance! 

LLAC Marquee

Monday, May 28: MAP Parent Workshop, Grade 8 Performing Arts Showcase/Exhibition
Tuesday, May 29: Grade 8 Performing Arts Showcase/Exhibition, Grade 1 Movie Day
Wednesday, May 30: LS Parenting Workshop, Prep Movie Day, Prep C Celebration, CISPA - Volunteer Appreciation Evening
Thursday, May 31: MYP Celebration Rehearsal
Friday, June 1: LSSC Election​, MYP Celebration Rehearsal

Lower School News

Progress Reports: June 1

Please click here to access a letter from the Lower School Administration regarding the publication of the second cycle of progress reports on Friday, June 1

LS Transition Day: May 31

To ease the transition process and decrease the natural sense of uncertainty for the new school year ahead, LS guidance counsellors have organized a transition day for all grades, from Pre Reception - Grade 5 on Thursday, May 31. To find out more details, please read this letter.

Election for Lower School Student Council (LSSC)

The LSSC election will take place on Friday, June 1 and is open to all Grades 4 and 5 students. All information can be found here.

Upper School News

Grade 7 Innovation Fair

Grade 7 students will participate in an Innovation Fair all this week. The purpose is to give students an opportunity to synthesise learning across subjects to create a new product. The week culminates with an exhibit visit and innovation celebration. On Friday, June 1 parents are invited to exhibit visits (9:20am-10am, 7/F homerooms) and the celebration (10:20am-11am, Forum).

OSSD Summer School Programme

CDNIS is offering students the chance to earn formal OSSD Grade 11 and 12 credits through an accelerated Summer School Programme (Math, English, Politics & Science). Students currently in Grades 10 and 11 are eligible to participate. All courses take three weeks and will run from June 12-29. The fee for CDNIS students is HK$13,000. Parents can find more details here and register by clicking here.

Cambridge Summer School

If your child aged 15-18 is free this summer the the Cambridge Summer School may be an excellent option. For more information, including course details and how to sign up, please visit the programme website. Registration is open now and filling up fast!

McGill Summer Academy

For the first time, McGill University will be offering a summer academy outside of Canada. This program offers learning opportunities for students aged 15-19 that foster curiosity about the natural, physical and social phenomena and prepare them for continuing learning at university. Programmes will run from August 4-6 from 9am-3:45pm. To find out more information and enroll, please click here.

BizSmart’s Silicon Valley Entrepreneurship Workshops

BIZSMART from Silicon Valley is back at CDNIS. ​Last summer, students from top international schools in Hong Kong participated to create business plans for some of Silicon Valley's hottest companies. ​Watch this video for a snapshot ​of the curriculum, judge's panel and their exciting week​. ​Described by CNN as ​"​one of the five most unique camps in the US​", sign up here or click here for more details.


May 30, 2018
CISPA - Volunteer Appreciation Evening

Jun 5, 2018
CISPA - Lunch at the Country Club

Jun 8, 2018
CISPA - Last Date to collect Lost Property

Jun 8, 2018
Last Day of School

Aug 13, 2018
Opening Day of Uniform Shop at School

Aug 15, 2018
Upper School New Student Orientation

Aug 16, 2018
First Day for Upper School

Aug 17, 2018
Lower School Open House

Aug 17, 2018
Lower School Mandarin Placement Assessment

Aug 20, 2018
First Day for Lower School