Alumni Mentorship Programme

CDNIS alumni now total over 1100 members. If we include those registrants who left the school prior to their graduation, the number exceeds 1200. Alumni are part of a growing and connected community who are helping one another and the school succeed in this ever-increasingly connected world. The Alumni Association's and the school's next step in this effort is the creation of an Alumni Mentorship Programme.

Twenty alumni have graciously given their time, knowledge and experience to twenty Gr. 10 students over the next 2 years, as mentors of those students. They will offer advice, perspective and a patient ear as students undertake the IB DP, choose universities and decide on programmes of study. Mentors range from the Class of 2000-2013. The Programme was inaugurated with a Meet 'n Greet on Saturday May 23 at which a Google Hangout was also conducted for those overseas. This marks a meaningful step in our alumni relations, allowing them to play a significant role in the lives of our students.
Alumni, you are truly a growing cornerstone of our school community.