Welcome to Canadian International School of Hong kong

Welcome to the Canadian International School of Hong Kong

CDNIS is a private, independent school with an enrollment of over 1,800 students representing 41 nationalities. Recognized as an IB World School, CDNIS is just one of five IB continuum schools in Hong Kong to offer three IB programmes from Pre Reception to Grade 12. At the core of our success is our never-ending pursuit to inspire excellence, cultivate character, and empower engagement locally and globally. 

  • "I used to visit CDNIS regularly as a university admissions officer and fell in love with the student and the staff ethos on my very first visit. The students have always been upbeat, happy, engaged and very academically motivated. It was, therefore, a bit of a dream come true to be offered a job helping students with their transitions through the upper grades and out into the world of work and university. My least favorite times of the year are typically the longer school holidays as I genuinely miss the students and staff tremendously and also the team I work with in Guidance. I truly feel that CDNIS is one of the very best schools in the world...and I have personally visited many hundreds across the globe in my career. "

    Robert, Guidance, Started in 2011 at CDNIS